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梅とカナリヤ (ume to kanariya) Plum and Canaries


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Currently Documented Version Characteristics:
Both Dark and Light Background Versions: [no signature]; Hodo seal; title-caption (right margin); publication date over Takemura copyright statement (left margin)

Design History:
This design is one of several in a small series which Hodo created for Takemura. Because there are almost certainly designs which remain to be documented, this series has not yet been assigned sequence numbers. For now the design is labeled with its original publication date taken from the left margin.

Although the tree branches have been reworked, the birds are copied directly from a woodblock print by 沼田荷舟 Numata Kashuu (1838-1901) which appeared in several collections printed circa 1885 (and reprinted numerous times since.)

Kashu version

Species Illustrated:
ume is a general name for any plum, and typically for the Japanese Plum-apricot Prunus mume.

カナリヤ kanariya, カナリー) kanarii, or カナリア kanaria are variations on the borrowed name for the wild or pet canary, Serinus canaria, although the latter form is the one most often encountered today.

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