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柳としらさぎ ( yanagi to shirasagi) Willow and Egret


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Currently Documented Version Characteristics:
Dark Background Version: [no signature]; Hodo seal; title-caption (right margin); publication date over Takemura copyright statement (left margin)

Design History:
This design is one of several in a small series which Hodo created for Takemura. It is not currently documented with a light background, but it is suspected that one was printed. Because there are almost certainly designs which remain to be documented, this series has not yet been assigned sequence numbers. For now the design is labeled with its original publication date taken from the left margin.

Species Illustrated:
This design actually includes two botanicals, but only one is named in the Japanese caption.

柳, yanagi, Weeping Willow, Salix babylonica, is now usually written やなぎ or ヤナギ. Although the name 柳 can also be used for any willow species or variety, the image clearly is of the classic form of weeping willow.

Rose, apparently a Rosa hybrid cultivar, is unnamed in the title. The general name for rose is ばら, バラ, bara (from 薔薇).

The egret is named as しらさぎ, shira-sagi (from 白鷺, lit. 'white-heron'), a non-technical, general name for any egret. Of the several species of egret in Japan, the image most closely matches the summer plumage of Great Egret, Ardea (Egretta) alba, now usually called だいさぎ, ダイサギ, dai-sagi (from 大鷺, lit. 'great-heron'). However, it is very possible that no particular species of egret was intended.

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