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Currently Documented Version Characteristics:
Version I: [no signature] [no seal] [no title-caption in lower margin] (example above)

Design History:
Each supplemental set design is based upon at least one of the designs in the primary series. It consists of two basic parts, the background image and an overlay image. Occasionally, the background image may be enhanced with highlights included on the overlay plates, and here the third color is used on both.

For wfx12, the silhouette of wf17 was used as the background image. Typically for the supplemental set, the overlay image for wfx12 shows a kind of flower represented in another design in this series, but in an entirely new composition. The overlay image includes a design flaw with the central blossom floating without a stem.

Species Illustrated:
Background: Hollyhock, Alcea rosea hybrid cultivars

Overlay: Basket Flower, Centaurea cultivar

Related Designs:
Other Hollyhock Designs:
wf17 Hodo/Takemura version

For additional hollyhock designs in the primary Rakusan series see 13.

Other Basket Flower Designs:
wf43 Hodo/Takemura version