Version 4 copy with signature-seal combination

[Japanese] Iris

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Currently Documented Marking Variations:
Title-caption: 菖蒲, ayame, 'iris'
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Takemura Copyright: 版権所有 竹村秀雄, han ken sho yu Takemura Hideo, ‘printing rights held by Takemura Hideo’.
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Signature and Seal: 蒲堂, Ho-dou [artist]; 竹村, Take-mura [publisher]
Copies of version 2 are documented both with and without a signature and seal combination. All known copies of version 3 and version 4 have the combination.

Design History:
This design is one of several in a small series of garden flowers which Hodo created for Takemura. Although this series was in direct imitation of Maria Gabo's Western Flowers Series, this particular design does not have a direct counterpart in that series.

Because there are almost certainly additional designs which remain to be documented, this series has not yet been assigned sequence numbers. For now this design is arbitrarily labeled with an alphabetic character since there is no publication date available.

Species Illustrated:
The modern generic name for any iris, Iris spp., is 菖蒲, あやめ, アヤメ, ayame, 'iris'. This Hodo-Takemura design featuring Japanese native Iris ensata was given the title 菖蒲, ayame, 'iris'. (Iris ensata is today more usually called 花菖蒲, はなしょうぶ , ハナショウブ, hana shoubu, lit. 'flowering bullrush', and many color variations and flower forms have been developed by Japanese breeders.)

Another Takemura iris design (see below) was copied directly from an original Western Flowers Series design titled IRIS (イリス), including a katakana transcription of the English name reading irisu. It shows a Dutch iris type on the left and a large, bearded iris type on the right (both Western garden hybrid Iris). This copied Hodo-Takemura recarved design was given the same title as this design but spelled differently, あやめ, ayame, 'iris'.

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