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This section currently includes four identically signed and sealed designs attributed to Rakusan for which no additional documentation has been located. They are also not attested among the artworks in the personal collection of the artist and his family. However, because Rakusan repeatedly edited his own records and holdings, absence from the collection is not a barrier to attribution. References to Rakusan artworks prepared for other publishers to produce were routinely omitted, and example copies were not held. In addition, Rakusan selectively did not retain anything which he did not consider among his best works. Presumably, this culling would have included genuine Rakusan studio output that he simply no longer liked and approved of.

Certain features of the production and distribution suggest that these four prints were not produced by the Rakusan Studio, and were likely designs Rakusan sold to another publisher. Two of the designs were distributed before World War II, and the other two significantly later and perhaps only after the war.

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