Mount Fuji (assigned title)

Temporary Number


Currently Documented Version Characteristics:
All Versions: 楽山作 Raku-zan Saku + Seal CC

[For illustration of seals, see the Seals article.]

Design History:
U2 is one of four designs in two pairs which are attributed to Rakusan based on the same signature and seal combination found on each of the designs. This signature and seal closely resemble others known to be genuine, but the actual designs and their production seem different from what the Rakusan Studio was doing at those times. Assuming the attribution is correct, then it would appear that Rakusan sold the designs to a company which then printed and distributed them without further Rakusan involvement.

Unfortunately, the only known copy of U2 is in poor condition. It was discovered as part of an album of commercial samples for fan designs. The album had been recently unbound, and binding slits are evident along the right edge of the print. It was still in association with a copy of U1a (see 'previous print' link below) originally in the same album or one identical to it. Both U2 and U1a have significant wear and loss, especially in the lower left corner where the page would have been turned. Loss on this corner has cut off most of the secondarily applied ordering number on the front of U2. It is likely that all of the prints in the album (including U2) had been trimmed (at least slightly) into a uniform, nearly square, size. The age and wear on these prints together with the other associated prints and materials confirm a pre World War II distribution date.

Location Illustrated:
Mount Fuji (Fujiyama, Fuji-san), 富士山, fuji-san, 'Mt. Fuji', is the tallest mountain in Japan and a cultural icon.

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