Beach and Pine (assigned title)

Temporary Number


Currently Documented Version Characteristics:
All Versions: 楽山作 Raku-zan Saku + Seal CC

[For illustration of seals, see the Seals article.]

Design History:
U3 is one of four designs found in two different pairs which are attributed to Rakusan based on the same signature and seal combination found on each of the designs. This signature and seal closely resemble others known to be genuine, but the actual designs and their production seem different from what the Rakusan Studio was doing at those times. Assuming the attribution is correct, then it would appear that Rakusan sold the designs to a company which then printed and distributed them without further Rakusan involvement.

U3 is a small, vertical chuban size landscape with the background enclosed in a brown marginal line. This copy of U3 was discovered in association with a similarly formatted copy of U1b (see 'next print' link below). It is likely that both U3 an d U1b were printed after World War II.

Location Illustrated:
This small landscape almost certainly depicts a well known location in Japan which remains to be identified securely. One likely possibility is the famous old pine tree at Karasaki on the shore of Lake Biwa in Otsu, Shiga not far from Kyoto.

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