Version I Version III (with So-un markings)
DENDROBIUM SPECIOSUM (デンドロブューム スペシオサム) [caption as printed]
Cattleya (katorea)
Dendrobium speciosum (dendorobyuumu supeshiosemu)

Temporary Number


Currently Documented Version Characteristics:
Version I: [no signature] [no seal] [title-caption in lower margin] (example on left)
Version II: [no signature] [no seal] [no title-caption in lower margin] (not illustrated)
Version III: [signature] [seal] [no title-caption in lower margin] (example on right, shown with So-un markings)

Design History:
This design was part of the original series of forty-eight designs completed by October 1931 and was included in later reprintings. The background in Version I has a very pale gray bokashi overall, but darker at the bottom; the background in version III is uninked.

The two orchid primary series prints are among only three prints in this series which list more than one species in the title-caption.

Species Illustrated:
The cattleya orchid shown here is an as yet unidentified species or hybrid cultivar.

The other orchid is named as Dendrobium speciosum, an Australian native, but the flowers are not typical of those in cultivation today.

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