Version III (with So-un markings)
ROSE (ローズ) [implied caption]
Rose (rouzu)

Temporary Number


Currently Documented Version Characteristics:
Version III: [signature] [seal] [no title-caption in lower margin] (examples only known with So-un markings and from this version)

[For illustration of seals, see the Seals article.]

Design History:
This design was not part of the original series of forty-eight designs and only appeared in later printings. However, it had definitely been included by the 1936 reprinting.

Another rose design wf3 appeared in the original series and it was used to adapt a rose design for the supplemental set. Because the same species always have the same title-captions, although wf49 is not known from version I, the title-caption from wf3 has been repeated here.

Species Illustrated:
Hybrid Rose, Rosa spp.

Related Designs:
wf3 wfx6

For additional rose designs in the primary Rakusan series see 7.