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Design History:
The designs of the supplemental set are greatly simplified images, typically of the same kinds of plants illustrated in the main series. The plants are shown as two primary silhouettes accented with highlight colors, one as an overlay on the other. One of these silhouettes (usually the backgrounded one) copies the composition of a particular main series design.

In wfx15 a silhouette of the entire orchid composition of wf21 is used instead as the overlay image. The background image for wfx15 is adapted from only a portion of the calla in wf45. Unusually, the background silhouette is left unprinted and is defined by printing the background itself together with a few interior lines to clarify the flower shape.

The wfx15 design is unique in this set for using four colors instead of the usual three: the background in sky blue (including a few interior lines); the overlay silhouette in lavender blue; accents only on the overlay in black; and highlights on both in dark red. The overlay printing is partially translucent, and the underprinted color of the background shows through. These overlapping areas of color demonstrate that both parts were printed as complete (and independent) silhouettes.

Species Illustrated:
Overlay: Sobralia Veitchii, a named hybrid orchid cross, (S. macrantha x S. xantholeuca); and an as yet unidentified species of Epidendrum.

Background: Calla, Zantedeschia aethiopia

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